Moving On!!!!

I Love you I did, but it’s clear to me you’re not where I am.
Yes you have been brought into my life, but lately things don’t seem right.
I have tried to be the woman you need but truth is your not the man who deserves me.
I did everything I could to get you to see but in reality I felt like I was trying you but you weren’t trying for me.
I heard I love you countless times but after your fuck ups it just didn’t affect me this time.
I was strong enough to hold on this long but sorry honey I wont keep singing that sad love song.
The effort I gave, you half ass gave to me and truly that’s something that I don’t need.
I am woman who deserves the finer things in life and someone who will faithfully devote their time.
I can tell you how I feel until I’m blue in the face but if you don’t do right please don’t be mad when someone else takes your place.
My heart I gave you stole every piece but I am stronger today for the mistakes you made.
I am able to see the woman I am and who I will not be allowed to be treated like.
I gave you chances after chances and you still couldn’t get it right.
I learned my lesson and I know what I must do, its time I place the past behind me and officially get over you.
No more crying! No more tears, for I am able to say goodbye and wish you the best over the years!

Written BY: Sh’ani M


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