Don’t Be that Girl!

You keep getting mad cause you keep getting a n**** you say do you wrong but in reality you’re the one to blame for this one

you open yourself to the first one smoking thinking there could potentially be something red flags raise already from the beginning you still continue to go not knowing
its already ending they sweet talk you  into a lot of s*** you keep thinking this one is it trying over and over again they lie to your face is and say they just want to be your friend.

You step out of the house with your little clothes on hoping that nobody hits on you but in reality you know it’s going to come because in actuality you wanted it to happen

hoping to see what the next n***** reaction blinded by what your doing you fail to see what a real man is cause  you keep getting these little boys pretending to be men.

You should have standards for yourself instead of feeling like you can’t find nobody else your time will come trust when I say quit letting sorry ass n**** persuade you their way.

Don’t give in to temptation of others find yourself first when you know who you are what you want from your life you can be one with somebody that’s right

until then keep your distance from those who are not because they don’t want nothing from you but to only take what you got.

Shani M.


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