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Publishing My first Book

So I am excited although it is in the beginning stage I’m excited to be working on publishing my first book. I feel like my words will help see someone through happy times and sad times. I just feel I need to share my struggles and my triumphs. ūüėÄ



I recently was writing about not having that inspiration that sparked me to write or get me out of my writers block. I must say I found my inspiration to continue writing my series of children’s books. The view and inspiration was in front of me the whole time and it just took a while to grasp what I wanted to focus on. I am excited that I focused on what I want to write about and cant wait to get to it. Now the only thing I may lack in when I am finished is getting them published. Don’t know which place is right to go through so they wont screw me over. But I have faith it will all work out just fine.

A Love Unkown

For minute I knew what I wanted and where I wanted to go. But lately I feel unsure, not saying I’m giving up my dreams by any means right now it just seems it’s a little out my reach.

I know I must keep pushing myself to achieve what I desire but I have seem to have lost that spark and that fire. What drew me to my essence in writing my creativity I have to find it. I know it’s in there somewhere just have to bring it back out again but where do I begin. I’m lacking inspiration to help me but I know I will find it eventually.

Shani M


Today my family had a beautiful service for my little cousin Dominique Cooks. This wasn’t an easy day for me for I fell apart many times But my cousin was called home recently after battling a inoperable brain tumor. My cousin was only 18 years old and he has inspired so many people including myself.

I have always been into helping others and reaching out to different organizations that deal with little kids, but after hearing about the things he did and the time he took to help others and made everyone feel loved an welcomed made me want to help people more. I cant top what he has already done but I can surely add to it in many different ways. My cousin has inspired me in so many ways and I will always make it a point to live life to the fullest.

Saddest part for me today to have to watch his mom be strong through the whole service and his Twin sister to lose her other half it hit me a lot because my sons are twins and I could only imagine the feelings and hurt that they are going through. I cant dwell in the what if’s and stuff I have to move on but I will never forget that he taught me a lot in a little bit of time but it was well received and I love him for that more than anything.

If you haven’t read his story please look it up on line and maybe his story will inspire you too.
#DomCooks L’s up always!!!!!

Living LIfe To the Fullest

This is my cousin and his story is an inspiration to me and I hope his story inspires others as well¬†he is battling brain cancer and the doctors say he only has a little while to live, this is a hard situation for anyone to deal with and to be young I can only imagine the things that he may be facing and dealing with.¬†One strong trait of my cousin he¬†hasn’t lost hope or given up and¬†he has told the news and he told¬†the family ” I’m good God’s got¬†me. I’m going to be alright.”¬† Just¬†that statement alone says a lot. His high school¬†helped pull off an early¬†graduation for my cousin and it was truly a memorable moment. ¬†#DomCooks
It’s easy for us to sit and complain about what isn’t right in our lives instead of embracing every moment that brings us good. No you may not have it all but be blessed that you are still able! Nothing is never promised and anything you don’t like you have the ability to change. Don’t sit here feeling sorry for yourself get up and do something about it. Life is short but what you do with your lif…e is totally up to you. Don’t let the negative views of others affect the direction your life is headed because only God can judge you. There is people dealing with worse and do way more then than a abled person. It’s inspiring to me how some of my family members deal with the most worse stuff¬† from Sickle Cell Anemia to Cancer and still manage to go above and beyond their expectations. Anything is possible but that all starts with you. Me myself time for a change I have to do what’s right for me and my kids. That’s my¬† feelings you guys have a Blessed Day! Live life to the fullest!
This link is a link to something I feel I should share,
one because¬† this is my family and two because his story is an inspiration to a lot of people¬† don’t complain about simple things when people are battling bigger things

The Journey Through My Writing!!!

Here is to my new blog. I already have one up and running which is

I wanted to start this new blog site where it would be totally focused on my writing where as my other blog was focused on my life and being a parent. I hope that the things that I write on my blog will reach a bigger audience and that many people can relate to the matters of subject of which I write about. Hope you all enjoy and join me further on this Writing Journey!!!!!