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Masquerade (1st pg)

The night of the masquerade ball I stepped in wearing my racy red dress that showed off my assets, yes the ones that are pretty much backless. As I put on my mask and began to walk through feeling like I had stopped the whole room.  I made my way to the bar and there was some nice potential men standing near but I stood there and pretended I didn’t care. “What can I get you to drink lovely lady?” Asked the bartender with a wink and a smile. ” May I get an apple martini please.” He nodded his head and proceeded to make my drink, as I turned to listen to the music and a strange, good looking man started talking to me.  ” Good evening pretty lady! You don’t seem like you would be the type of person who drinks apple martini’s.”  I looked at this man with a straight face and a slight smile. ” Well if you think you may have me figured out sir, what do you think I should be drinking?”  “Well for starters you look more like a sex on the beach  type of the woman.” “Oh is that right? well sir I drink whatever I am in the mood for so the type of person I am is still unknown to you .” I smiled and turned around in my seat and continued to drink my apple martini ” Well I guess your right  I don’t know you completely but I am willing to take that time. Before I ask you for your number would you like to dance with me. ” My you are full of yourself aren’t you?” I said as I walked away with a half smile. I couldn’t believe this guy, he was handsome don’t get me wrong but I couldn’t give in to his charm so easily. There was something about that man that did entice me just a little bit.

The next morning I wake up I felt like it was a dream but then I looked on the side of me. confused a little bit I didn’t know what to expect I guess that empty bottle of tequila on the night stand did the trick. In my head I’m trying to figure out, where the hell am I and who did I go home with. Everything from last night was a massive blur I didn’t know what to do or how to approach the situation.I rolled out the bed and looked at the whole situation but only to realize I don’t even know what his name is. I looked at him and realized I caved I gave in to the man at the masquerade ball. My first thought I should just run and don’t look back but then I look at this tall handsome man and had to rethink my exiting strategy, so I decided to write him a note. I wanted the note to be mysterious but cute.

It read: ” Hello masked man I don’t know how any of this happened last night and it has my mind a little boggled but considering the empty bottle anything might have been possible last night. I’m sorry I had to leave on such short notice but I didn’t feel right waking up next to you with without knowing what really happened. I will see you around thanks T

I hurried up and left out of there trying to save face, truthfully I didn’t know what to say to myself I was more embarrassed of what had happened last night. Trying to sneak in the house so my roommate didn’t hear because it was only 5 AM. I made it down the hallway almost to my room and here comes Chelsea creeping out of hers. ” Um excuse you! Where have you been ?” I hurried up and dipped into my room avoiding all her questions as much as possible. Sooner or later I know I’m going to have to say something right now just isn’t it .